PYRAME, A Fine Life

The Story


“Platonic” highlights the fine line that exists between the ability to live a reality and the wish, conscious or subconscious, to stay away from it and fancying it instead. 
As such, the song addresses the very actual – or not so actual? – issue of having choices but not being able, or willing, to take decisions and to move forward. 


“Where are we now?” relates a typical issue of our times: two people won’t necessarily spend much time in the same place, before moving away from each other. This poses new issues and challenges in a relationship compared to how things would have unfolded not so long ago.
The song also evidences the fact that verbal communication is indeed just one way among many others, to express our feelings to each other.


“A Fine Life” acknowledges the gift of life. As such, the right attitude towards our existence should not develop into something intrinsically negative but rather into the contemplation of its very beauty as a whole.


“Losing Control” is all about embracing our life, the only one we have, to the fullest. 
It is meant to convey a message of self-acceptance and positivism. And why not going a little crazy, if this is meant to be…